Monday, March 9, 2009

The Heritage Group of Companies

It all started with a trip to Vegas. Actually on a plane headed to Vegas. My partner, the chatty-Kathy that he is, struck up a conversation with the couple flying next to him. By the time the plane had landed, The League had it's newest partner. 

And let me tell you, The Heritage Group of Companies is no ordinary partner. 

Let's say your family has a established substantial amount of 'wealth'. Well, Heritage believes that how your family has acquired that wealth is just as important as the hard earned estate itself. Therefore, they listen (part of the reason we wanted them to join the League) using family retreats, discovery periods and a look at how future generations could possibly benefit - and only after do they start to help you map out your way of life. And when they do, they adhere to the values and principles upon which that legacy was built. They have often told us, "Following a traditional path with inheritance often means two generations later, there is nothing left". Paris Hilton... listen up.

Obviously, a partner of this magnitude does not need advertising in the traditional sense. In talking with Heritage we all came to the conclusion that this paradigm shift in how a family manages it's 'heritage' was too much for an ad and deserved a more involved approach. The resulting brochure has proved to be a huge success for them, giving people the information and incentive they need to begin the process. 

We've also just outlined more projects happening in the new year and we're all excited to see what happens.

Imagine, all this from a plane trip to Sin City. Who says what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?

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