Tuesday, February 24, 2009

J. Hilburn

Bespoke finery.

What does it make you think of? 

If you're like most men (assuming you're a guy) you probably thought of a stuffy English guy. Then you thought of the price.

Enter J. Hilburn.

Started by two ex-Wall Streeters from Dallas, TX (neither stuffy nor English), J. Hilburn's goal was to provide luxuriously tailored men's shirts at off-the-rack prices. And they did all this with a twist. Instead of coming to a retail location and get measured J. Hilburn sends their salespeople to you. But these salespeople are more than salespeople. They're like your friend. Someone who's there to help you look good. They help decide on collar, cuff and button styles. They present fabrics. They assist you in designing YOUR shirt. 

When we started with J. Hilburn they were in desperate need of a recruiting tool for their customers. We called it a recruiting tool because we knew once the customer tried on a shirt, they'd be hooked. First we had to bring them in. 

In strategizing with the guys, we quickly realized that if we continued to call the salesforce 'the salesforce' they would act like one. We needed to elevate them. Give them a title worthy of the trusted position they would hold in a man's wardrobe. 

Enter the Personal Style Advisor. We gave them this name knowing that they would carry themselves differently. The recruiting tool also began developing the lexicon these style advisors could use when engaging men.

With it's 'Welcome to this side of the ropes' message, our brochure attempted to introduce men into the world of bespoke finery. It also attempted to destroy the myth that custom men's shirts had to be expensive. 

After growing from 1 market to over 15 markets in only a year, we'd say it worked. 

That and the fact that the shirts are amazing. I'm wearing one right now as you read this.

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