Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Escape to Boreal

Boreal Mountain Resort. What can you say about this place? One of the sickest SuperPipes in the world. A terrain park that can turn locals into pros. A beginner program that introduces hundreds and hundreds to skiing and boarding. All for a price that won't dent your beer budget.

When we started talking with Jody and Jon they understood their mountain's strengths/weaknesses well. They also understood that if they got people to start there, they would keep coming back as they progressed their skills.

Boreal happens to be in the interesting position of being the small mountain in an area known for big mountain resorts. But we all know, size does not always matter.

Boreal's two big draws for the target lie in the fact that it's both easy to get to and inexpensive once you arrive. 

Being a half hour closer than other Tahoe area resorts, as well as being right off I-80, means people can make a trip to the snow without suffering the mind numbing drive they must endure to get to other resorts. Plus, with ticket and season pass prices that are much lower than their nearest competitors, people don't have to blow the weekly fun budget just to try out a new sport.

In developing strategy, we quickly realized our competition was not other mountains, but other options. 

Imagine it's the middle of winter. You live close to the mountains. You (or you and the fam) need to get out and do something. What are your options? The gym. The mall. The park (ok, I know I said middle of winter, but go with it for a sec). 

You need an escape. Now. An easy one. A cheap one.

Escape to Boreal.

What you get is an increase in season pass sales and year-to-year ridership increase of 3% in a down economic market. 

Not too bad for a great little mountain. 

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