Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Sopranos Wines

If you're Italian, you drink wine. If you're not Italian, you want to be. So you drink wine.

At our first sit down with the Vesuvio Importing Company, we told them with a name like The Sopranos Wines, they had their work cut out for them. You see, people recognize the name (great), but in a world where SpongeBob has his own cereal and Dora has her own lip balm, they ran the risk of sounding like just another gimmicky-novelty product (not so great).

We all knew people who love the show would buy the wine. We just needed to be careful not to offend their love and dedication to the show. Wine snobs, however, are not so easily won over. So we had to come up with work that would break through the ad clutter of wine books, grab the wine snob by the collar and rough up his sensibilities a bit without leaving too many bruises.

We came up with Inkblots.

It's a natural extension of the capo in therapy plot line of the show. And, with all humility, made for some great looking posters.

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